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Chatvallon is a small cattery located in Luxembourg (owned by Sari Laakso-Joki). I am a Finnish breeder but at the moment we are living here in the middle of Europe. Our family consists of my husband, our cats and me. I have Maine Coon cats in Tampere, Finland as well as here in Luxembourg.

Our cats are equal family members and take part of our every day life, never caged. Our cats are indoor cats, but they can stay in our fenced balcony. And all are used to wear harnesses as well.

Our goal is to breed Maine Coons which are healthy, have good temperament and of course good type for their breeds.

I have been showing and breeding Maine Coons since 2002. My cattery name was registered in FIFe in 2002. All our cats are FeLV and FIV negative and blood typed. We test also HCM/PK def/SMA dna. We Also do HCM and PkD screening.


The kittens are our family members and we give them a lot of love and care. They live with us until they are at least 14 weeks old. Then they are veterinary checked, have microship, are dewormed and two times vaccinated. We sell kittens only as indoor cats.

Photo by Mari Koski